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Raising the Sports Bar

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

The crowd goes wild for pan-seared ramps and garlic pastry puff concubine salad!

The NYT reports that sports bars are pulling out all the stops and providing highbrow, foodie-esque dining options:

The food is from-scratch, fresh and even locavore. Behold, then, the Springer Mountain free-range chicken from north Georgia proudly referenced on the menu of Dantanna’s Surf and Turf in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta — along with Creekstone and Allen Brothers beef and Niman Ranch pork. Note the butternut squash bisque at the Hype Lounge, and that roasted brussels sprouts side at the Ainsworth, both in Manhattan. Then meditate on Emeril Lagasse’s steak BAM’Wich at his Lagasse’s Stadium in Las Vegas: grilled sirloin on herb focaccia dressed with blue-cheese slaw and balsamic-braised onions, served with truffle-Parmesan steak fries.

Most of this makes sense, yeah, ok – sports fans are foodies, etc. I love chicken wings and hot dogs and beer too. What I do *not* understand is the butternut squash bisque. I cannot possibly see how that sounds appealing to someone who is gearing up for a rowdy, athletic night. YEAH! WE’LL GET PITCHERS AND WINGS AND SOME FRIES! Then Lilith speaks up, “You mean frites.  And I’ll just have the butternut squash bisque. Is that locally-sourced butternut squash by the way?”

My favorite quote:

Alert customers certainly appreciate the effort.

Because those that are passed out in the back? Not so much.

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Just another day at the SUF offices high above Gotham.

(via The Awl)

A Wall of Crust

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

No, a “wall of crust” is not the new thing Phil Spector is working on in prison (you’ll have to think about that one for a while). It’s  what Jenni Konner, a television writer, loves about the hot new snack in town, lasagna cupcakes, according to the Wall Street Journal.

I know, it is totally revolting but OH MY GOD IT GETS SO MUCH WORSE.

First, Matt Poley of Heirloom-LA, the guy who invented them wants to kill language.  He tells the WSJ reporter, “The truth is, it’s kind of hard to dog on a lasagna cupcake. As long as they aren’t scalding hot, you can eat them with your hands.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? How does one dog a cupcake? Then, he uses “lasagna cupcake” as a verb.

Mr. Poley makes the lasagna cupcakes in all different sorts of flavors. A dozen of them are standard, including the mac and cheese, a Bolognese and one with short ribs. Others depend on the season.

“It’s all market driven,” said Mr. Poley, who is working on a cookbook tentatively titled “Animals and Cupcakes.

“When corn rolls around, we’ll make them with corn. Or sweet peas. It’s really hard to do pumpkin year-round. Maybe we’ll come back from a party with some pork ribs that went uneaten and make some barbecue pork rib lasagna cupcakes. That’s where our beef stroganoff idea came from. We just lasagna cupcake’d it.”

HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING? In Cairo people are riding camels into riots and fighting for their lives and this guy is all “it’s hard to dog a cupcake, and then we lasagna cupcake’d it.” Also where the fuck did the apostrophe come from?

Then there is this brilliant endorsement of the product by a woman who lasgana cupcake’d her wedding:

“Brides aren’t supposed to eat, but I couldn’t stop,” Ms. Fox said. “They’re uniformly delicious. If you thought a beet lasagna cupcake was disgusting, you’d be wrong. This just in: it was delicious, too.”

I was not previously aware that brides are not supposed to eat, but I am really curious to know if Ms. Fox’s wedding was the one mentioned on Heirloom-LA’s website where “the entire menu was turned into Tacos at the end of the night so guests could keep their groove on.” They taco’d the menu!

Global Lunchification

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

NPR reports on how the US is a little bit late to overhaul school lunches yesterday, and provides an awesome slideshow of who’s got what & where. (London’s makeover is extremely impressive)


Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Two snails, one is saying to the other "We'll have to slug it out"

Last night, one of us had snails. The other one had vegan soup and French fries.


By the way, some perverted scientists gave snails speed.

The team trained the snails to remember to keep their pneumostomes closed when oxygen levels were low by poking them with a stick every time they tried to open their pneumostomes. Giving the snails two training sessions separated by an hour, the team knew that the molluscs would hold the memory for over 24·h, but what would happen if they trained the snails in meth-laced water?

That experiment doesn’t sound AT ALL like someone on meth dreamed it up.  Poking them in the pneumostomes!