Beating Our Br–Chest


[image: the top part of a KFC bucket done in pink instead of red]

Today in pinkwashing:

Activists call foul on KFC bucket campaign –

Read more at Jump Off the Bridge

So while KFC is not really a haunt of choice for most foodies, I assume, unless it’s “ironic” or something, this does fit right into my annoyance with foodieism-as-moral-virtue. Buy your disgusting factory-farmed super-greasy chicken in a pink bucket and feel good about it! You’re helping fight breast cancer!

I mean, I get the idea of this kind of thing—you can spend your money on something you’d buy anyway and contribute to a good cause as well as buy the thing you needed anyway. Sure. Ace. But really? KFC? (Also bonus points for, um, sexism: chicken breasts to fight breast cancer?)

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