Why Are There So Many Whores and Sluts in Food Culture?

a woman wearing a tshirt that says "whore"

I was reading the comments on this Eater piece about Tom Colicchio and, predictably, one of them called him a whore: “The guy has turned into a complete whore.” Gah! I’m getting really tired of reading about how one person or another in the food world is a prostitute of some kind. Some sites enjoy using use the terms and then calling out others for doing so, which is a neat piece of hypocrisy. Actual food can also be whorish–pretzel M & Ms are “whored up,” and Chik-fil-A was described by a writer on Eat Me Daily as “the culinary equivalent of being a Catholic schoolgirl by day, and a dirty little whore by night.” The culinary equivalent of a sexist fantasy, then? Yum.

It’s not always pejorative–some edgy folks like to call themselvesfood whores” or “food sluts.” Perhaps it seems cute to write “I have to admit that I am a wee bit of a whore to sexy/smart/cute/pretty packaging,” or “I am an electronic media whore,” but whatever happened to good old “sucker,” or “glutton?” Do they just not know how to spell ”aficionado?” One food writer compared her ennui to that of a fictional prostitute who grows tired of sex (as opposed to most prostitutes who just love sex, obv).  As yet, no one has called referred to his or herself or someone else a “hot tranny food hooker” but I am sure it’s just a matter of time.

This is sexist, and stupid. Please people, I beg of you, get a  dictionary or a thesaurus and try some new terms. Y’all are being whores for “whore.”

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  • Meatball

    Not to mention, completely disrespectful of actual crack whores, who literally do have sex. For crack. Literally.

  • I prefer the term “slut” myself, as in “Foodie slut” I think its less sexist, as a man can be a slut too..now, if Tom Collichio were actually a “whore” I’d sincerely like to know about it. I can count on your guys to deliver the news, right?

  • I’m waiting for ‘cunt’ to replace ‘whore’… because that’s the natural progression of things.