The Way We Live Now

drawing of a construction worker

[T]he owners hired bartenders who don’t look as if they make their own bitters or collect first-edition bar books.

Oliver Strand, in his review of The Commodore in the Times. Apropos of this I have been meaning to post about how I was buying lettuce and the guy next to me was all “Have you tasted this salad mix?”

“No,” I replied, turning to walk away. “Try some!” he yelled. “It’s super spicy!” I was like, “God, OK,” so I took a couple leaves and ate them. “Yes, very spicy.” He beamed at my like I was a good girl and I could finally get away. It was like the foodie version of a construction worker yelling at me to smile.

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  • Meatball

    F*#k! I’m supposed to go there w/ a mutual friend in the coming weeks, ST. Wanna join us? Now that The Times has covered it, it will be packed to the gills. Blarghashgjhas!

    • Snacktime

      My friend Pat lives upstairs! But it’s already too late, Jens and I tried to go on a Sunday a few weeks ago and it was too crowded.