Found: Meatpaper

The “about” section of Meatpaper states:

At once divisive and universal, delicious and disturbing, funny and dead-serious, meat polarizes us unlike any other food.

Us, we’re ambidextrous here at Meatpaper — no agenda except to gnaw on the ideas, artistic excursions and bone-deep emotions the subject inspires. We invite you to dig in with us.

It’s been around since 2006, however I explored it in further detail when BrooklynGirlsCooking tweeted us about a placenta/wine pairing.  Since most of the readers we attract are, well, to put it gently, sickos and freaks, I thought I’d pass along the link to yous.  Subscribers get the full goods, however the highlighted links are definitely an interesting read.  So interesting, in fact, it would provide too much fodder for our site – I mean, these are the people that organized that rabbit slaughter class that pissed me off.

Carry on, carnivores.

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  • Snacktime

    Sure doesn’t sound like they are “ambidextrous”–seems more like they are 100% pro-meat.