Emus Love You.

Heavy Table profiled the Hassu Lintu farm in Minnesota today, even going so far to make us all fall in love with the damn birds by telling tales of teenage emus dancing crazily, babies hanging out in a bathtub, and the hugging.  Emus hug, y’all.  In the picture above, this emu is hugging Mary, one of the owners of the farm, cooing as she pets the bird’s feathers.

Then they say:

Often, Mary and Tom will cook up emu burgers in the summer, and treat themselves with emu steaks once and a while. A chef at Bayport Cookery once bought a sizable quantity from them and created a dish of emu and blueberry, and now Mary cooks that for visitors, too.

Goddammit Heavy Table!  Goddammit!  I can’t eat emu after all that!  Eff you!

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  • Snacktime

    Next month, in Meatpaper: “How Do You Eat a Hug? Emuburgers For You And Me.”

  • Snacktime

    Todd P’s family has a llama farm but I think it is just for the wool, because Todd is loving towards all of god’s creatures and also has kittens.