The Jaws That Bite, the Claws That Catch

magritte painting of a pipe, below the pipe it says "this is not a pipe" in French

Snacktime: OK, Gaga’s meatdress and meatshoes. Technically I think they may have been meat spats. Discuss.

Meatball: And the meat hat!!!!  I try to avoid food in my hair.  But not Gaga.

Snacktime: She told Ellen, “I am not a piece of meat,” which is a hard statement to pull off when you are covered in meat. That said, think of the animals who would like to say that, from a similarly compromised position. Gaga is full of spiral thinking! A secret follower of Julia Kristeva.

Meatball: She was wearing the meat to protest “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  I would have worn rainbow fatigues, but – you know, meat works in some bizarro world, I guess?

Snacktime: : She also had an escort of soldiers who had been discharged because of DADT–which should really be called GGO for “Gay? Get Out”–but the soldiers didn’t get to say anything. It is kind of precarious to insert yourself into the discussion that way and then not let those who have actually been harmed speak.

Meatball: Escorting a pop star in prosciutto.  Seriously – who made that meat dress?

Meatball: Oh my god:  Paglia on Gaga. Pagaga.

Snacktime: Yes! Here is my question–did Camille Paglia secretly turn into an old-school feminist? Because the only people I can think of that might hate Gaga that much are like Catherine MacKinnon or Susan Faludi.

Meatball: Highlights of this article are:

  • fright wig
  • thrilled by her jewelled parody crutches
  • simperingly doll-like or ghoulish
  • she’s like a gangly marionette or plasticised android
  • the exhausted end of the sexual revolution
  • a stimulating burst of novelty
  • creepy and coercive
  • sexually dysfunctional
  • gratuitously natters on

I don’t know how any of this is negative.

Snacktime: Haha totally! Since when is flamboyance bad? I told Lily I wanted to ring Camille’s doorbell, then yell “BOWIE” and run.

But back to the meat. I think it is also kind of an interesting “Fuck you” to PETA because they are all about the naked ladies.

While I was typing this I had a vision of a dress made of tacos.

Meatball: I want a taco right now.  Not a fuzzy taco, mind you.  A chorizo one.

Snacktime: You can attach it to your outfit and tell people, “I am not a taco.”

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