“I go to restaurant websites for the ambiance.”

While browsing here, I discovered a new tumblr that criticizes restaurant websites with some choice quotes, such as:

“I really like the way their cheesy elevator jazz interacts with the music I was listening to in iTunes.”

“I log on more frequently since I know the menu is coming soon.”

“I’m particularly partial to those restaurant websites where the background is dark (say, black), and so is the text (say, maroon)! It makes reading like a work-out for my eyes. Thanks for keeping my peepers strong, restaurant website!”

I salute you, Never Said About Restaurant Websites!  You’re picking up our slack!

(the 60s cocktail menu up there is really just so Snacktime calls me for a drink)

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  • Emmy

    Ohhh, that site is validating SO MANY of my frustrations. I think a lot of the problem comes from the fact that restaurant people are not typically good web design people, so they get over-excited and want something that looks really awesome but costs like $3000 every time a change needs to be made. It’s why I’m weirdly fond of the blog-style restaurant website, especially for seasonally focused places, which is easy to navigate and can be tweaked in about ten minutes.

  • Snacktime

    You’d think “Missionary’s Mistake” would be a baby bottle or something. Penicillin, perhaps.

    Hey Meatball, let’s have a drink! You bring the pop rocks.

  • Meatball

    I just tried to “like” your comment, Snacktime. Obvies fb overload.