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Triumphant Return of Shut Up Bacon!

Thursday, August 19th, 2010
various animal puppets

Animals in their pre-bacon state

Like cupcakes could ever be more irritating. Bacon is bigger than ever! It’s so big, it’s moving on to new animals. Chicago TimeOut says that chefs are now making bacon out of veal, beef, and lamb. Nothing is safe. We actually probably will have cupcake bacon before long.

Boudoir Lighting for Your "Cupcakes"

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Actually it really is cupcakes, not “cupcakes.” But the kitchn has a whole post up today on how to do a sexy bedroom or even bathroom shoot with your snacks.

Look at the dramatic lighting on this one! (Not from the kitchn.) Why are some of the cupcakes in the dark? Notice it’s only the pink ones in the light. Is this some kind of matriarchal statement? An antiwar message from Code Pink? Are the darker cupcakes forming an army, ready to move on the pinkies? My god I can’t tear myself away. —Snacktime

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Chocolate Sour Cream Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting and The Bahia Shrine Circus

Southern Grace Gourmet; This week’s most-random-blog-title-I’ve-ever-read-EVER award.

Monday, April 26th, 2010

And although I admire the fashion-conscious set throwing “caloric caution to the wind,” I wonder if the choice of foodstuff doesn’t infantilize late night partying. On the other hand, when Sex & The City 3: The Depends Years starts filming in 2020, Carrie and the girls will know exactly where to relive their glory days.

Billy Gray, Guest of a Guest’s “Is Mixing Cupcakes and Cocktails the worst idea in nightlife history?” A scathing review of Rivington Street’s Red Velvet Lounge definitely worth a read – will induce bitter chuckling.

A Sad Day for Professional Eaters

Monday, April 26th, 2010

A cupcake eating contest at Ivy Bakery in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn has been restricted to amateurs.

Jerri Blank Cupcake!

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Link: Jerri Blank Cupcake!

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is “judging” a bakesale today.  The highlight so far?  A Jerri Blank cupcake!  (Totally overlooking a possible shut up bacon entry with the “bacon baklava” and being positive today)

The Most PC Cupcake You Will Ever Eat

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Organic, made with real fruit, served in a biodegradable cup, and sold in a solar powered cart! It is practically a vote for Al Gore with frosting on it. These virtuous cupcakes  will soon be available at a cupcake cart outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art here in NYC.  The cart is supposed to generate about a hundred thousand dollars a year for NYC—presumably more than the hot dog carts that were kicked out to make way for it.

This is part of the city’s plan to offer “healthy options.” Because really, what is healthier than a cupcake? Maybe Bloomberg will make Cake & Shake post the nutritional information on the “Heaven Split,” which is a banana cupcake with chocolate hazelnut mousse and caramel frosting.

I can’t wait to see Jenny Humphrey not eat one.


Cupboard Malfunction

Monday, April 5th, 2010

The mission was simple. Turn Janet Jackson’s breast into a work of edible art.

Granted, this is from 2004, but it is so unbelievably offensive that it just feels fresh!

Macarons, We’re Watching You

Monday, March 29th, 2010


Guess what they’re selling at all the hot bakeries these days? Zeitgeist. And zeitgeist tastes like those little hamburger-looking cookies called macarons.

Salon says macarons are the new cupcake. (They also called them “moon pies on acid.” Liberals.) We just had Macaron Day here in New York, which is really cool because we have our budget totally in order and our governor is not a pathological liar.  Check out this Google trend!

Macarons are hitting the market in a weird way—high end and mainstream at the same time. All the foodie blogs are running recipes, but there’s a populist aspect to the trend as well. According to the the Wall Street Journal, macarons are already available in Trader Joe’s, Starbucks and McCafé, the café chain that McDonald’s has in France, which I have never heard of until now and I am dying to visit. It sounds more fun than the Macaron Café uptown, and also it is in France.

Being the new cupcake would be one thing. But could they be the next bacon? I haven’t seen a macaron tattoo yet.


Image via Serious Eats.

Cupcakes and Gender Essentialism

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

I feel really bad that until now I didn’t realize men are afraid to eat cupcakes for fear of appearing girly. Poor men! Sure, they make more money than women, but what good is privilege if you can’t have a cupcake with it?

Thankfully, Butch Bakery is here to help. There is no risk of pastry feminization when you are snacking on cupcake flavors like Jackhammer, Driller, or Beer Run. Honestly, I’m kind of in awe at how they’ve made good on their promise to “stay far away from the cliché.” Nothing says “manly” and “not clichéd” like a Home Run cupcake, described as “more fun than getting to third base.” BTW, the Home Run contains: bacon. Which is also not a cliché.

Why not go all the way, Butch Bakery? There you are at third base, when you could have hit it out of the park and called them mancakes. It’s so obvious that the “cup” in “cupcakes” refers to bra size and we all know only ladies wear bras. I’ve lost faith in your entire enterprise at this point.

Also, what the hell are trans folks supposed to do? WHERE ARE THEIR CUPCAKES/MANCAKES—TRANSCAKES?


PS My favorite part of the website is where they say they cannot guarantee their products are nut free.