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What we’ve been sayin!

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Laurel Miller knocks it down in an article entitled “Dropping the F-Bomb: why ‘foodie’ needs to go away” today:

I’m not saying it’s wrong to spend disposable income, if you have it, on costly ingredients or dining out. But the fetishizing of food, the pissing contest that is the hallmark of the archetypal foodie is what I cannot abide. This is what’s at the heart of foodieism; the need to belong to a special club, with a language all its own. In our status-obsessed society, we need to separate ourselves from the plebes who think that the Olive Garden is serving “Italian” food.

The article pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Why Are There So Many Whores and Sluts in Food Culture?

Monday, July 12th, 2010

a woman wearing a tshirt that says "whore"

I was reading the comments on this Eater piece about Tom Colicchio and, predictably, one of them called him a whore: “The guy has turned into a complete whore.” Gah! I’m getting really tired of reading about how one person or another in the food world is a prostitute of some kind. Some sites enjoy using use the terms and then calling out others for doing so, which is a neat piece of hypocrisy. Actual food can also be whorish–pretzel M & Ms are “whored up,” and Chik-fil-A was described by a writer on Eat Me Daily as “the culinary equivalent of being a Catholic schoolgirl by day, and a dirty little whore by night.” The culinary equivalent of a sexist fantasy, then? Yum.

It’s not always pejorative–some edgy folks like to call themselvesfood whores” or “food sluts.” Perhaps it seems cute to write “I have to admit that I am a wee bit of a whore to sexy/smart/cute/pretty packaging,” or “I am an electronic media whore,” but whatever happened to good old “sucker,” or “glutton?” Do they just not know how to spell ”aficionado?” One food writer compared her ennui to that of a fictional prostitute who grows tired of sex (as opposed to most prostitutes who just love sex, obv).  As yet, no one has called referred to his or herself or someone else a “hot tranny food hooker” but I am sure it’s just a matter of time.

This is sexist, and stupid. Please people, I beg of you, get a  dictionary or a thesaurus and try some new terms. Y’all are being whores for “whore.”

From the Gut: Portland Has Food Trucks, Donut Burgers and Now, Cutting Edge Anti-Hipster Technology

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Link: From the Gut: Portland Has Food Trucks, Donut Burgers and Now, Cutting Edge Anti-Hipster Technology

Because in a recession, one must be picky.  How’s this going down, you ask?

Building his new Barista with no electrical outlets in the dining room and designing the floor with tiny little tables set at a height too low for working on your laptop.

Just wondering – does this infringe on ADA laws?  But there is some good news – the active anti-foodie groundrules!

Refuse to serve anything with cilantro, lemongrass, mango or bacon. Say this is because of an obscure religious prohibition (snake-handler, Christian Scientist, Church of Scientology), and make your announcement via Yelp.

Alternately, don’t use the words “organic,” “local,” “sustainable,” “green” or “farm-to-table” anywhere on your menu. This will allow you to slip completely below the radar of the local foodistas and operate your business in relative peace.