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Castle Fryskull

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Castle Fryskull is a legendary/mythical location situated in a barren McDonaldland. It serves as home to Ronald McDonald and to the mysterious and rarely-seen Hamburglar, as well as a place of refuge for the Happy Meal Gang and the McNugget Buddies. Its origins are unknown except for the fact that it was constructed to protect an unspecified source of power from those who would misuse it. It is a frequent target for the forces of evil.

(pic found here)

United McDonald’s of America

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

A map of the contiguous United States visualized by distance to nearest McDonald’s, tipped off from Fancy Fast Food.

Some of This, Some of That

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

I plan to dip something decidedly unpleasant in an enticing chocolate coating and wrap it carefully in McDonald’s paper. Nothing dangerous, but something that a two-and-a-half-year-old will find “yucky!” – even upsetting – in the extreme. Maybe a sponge soaked with vinegar. A tuft of hair. A Barbie head. I will then place it inside the familiar cardboard box and leave it somewhere for my daughter to find. I might even warn her: “If you see any of that nasty McDonald’s, make sure you don’t eat it!” I’ll say, before leaving her to it. An early, traumatic, Ronald-related experience can only be good for her.

My war on fast food | Anthony Bourdain | Life and style | The Guardian

A rambling, occasionally offensive extract that proclaims at the end that it is “edited” (to which I respond: Not well) from “Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine To The World of Food And The People Who Cook” by Anthony Bourdain. But it did make me laugh at points, and have some salient critiques at points.

There is also much discussion of cocaine. And Jamie Oliver. And PETA. And when will people who want to sound edgy and transgressive STOP using “tranny hookers” as a phrase that means worse-than-average-prostitute?

Of Bikinis and Boardrooms

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

The Huffington Post is so classy! Critics have long complained about the site’s love of T&A—as media writer Simon Dumenco put it, the H-P “likes to pretend that it’s a respectable voice in the mediasphere, but it shamelessly pumps up its traffic by being just as trashy as, say, Maxim.” Others have written

I especially enjoyed today’s example, where they paired a story about PETA buying stock in food companies with a photo of two women in lettuce bikinis.

Ironically, there are so many stories about PETA that could legitimately be illustrated by sexy pics! They are the only people more well-known for gratuitous nakedity than the Huffington-Post! PETA loves to have naked women on its posters, to stage protests that involve women taking showers or just standing outside KFC naked, etc. This is the one story that was not about that and yet—bikinis. How novel.

I’m totally fascinated that PETA now owns stock in McDonald’s and Kraft Foods but there are a zillion other pics they could have chosen. Also, this isn’t even a Huff-Po original story, it’s taken from the AP—a fact that is not noted anywhere on the page that I could see.—Snacktime

Hamburger U

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Let’s just hope they don’t allow people to bring their pets to China’s Hamburger University…if you know what I mean.

Haha! Get it? Because Chinese people will eat your pet. An anonymous racist comment on EaterLA’s post about the opening of “McDonald’s University” in Shanghai. The school teaches management.

The Sins of the Foodies Redux

Monday, April 5th, 2010

I’m just going to assume this wasn’t a crazed Lent-participant that sacrificed red meat and kept red wine, but… you never know.  It could have been a late night viewing of Super Size Me