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Aloha, Eggheads.

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Blue Hill at Stone Barns (hey, I’ve actually pulled carrots there, not kidding) announces the latest fad in welcoming customers: a cured egg yolk lei! As patrons enter the restaurant, they’re greeted with the lei and directed to their seats.  Oh wait, no they’re not. The restaurant takes the cured eggs and grates them over pasta or whatever. So… why this guy (the chef) is making them into leis, who knows. But more importantly, how bad must he smell?

Other highlights from Bon Appetit’s Big Ingredients of 2014: pancakes for dinner (please don’t make pancakes into ramps, please please), bronze fennel (oh dear god) and “a shot and a beer” (i.e. Friday night).

Shut Up, Bacon: Say It, Don’t Spray It

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Thank god Batter Blaster, the weaponized pancake batter that comes in a spray can, will soon have a bacon flavor. Because when drunk people come home and squirt liquid pancake into their mouths, they should have a range of flavors to choose from.