Foodie’s Old Lady Says He’s A Whiner

Check out this charmer on Yelp:

I got called out in a bad way by my old lady as complaining about the food too much one night. We were out at an expensive place that her and her finance buddies frequented and raved about, but it sucked! I started commenting on quality vs. price  and she blew up making me feel like a little whiny bitch. I started to realize that I do talk about food too much when I’m out and need to tone it down a notch. I’ve been out with fitness freaks, vegetarians, and trophy ditzes, who complained and whined about everything under the sun, which was both annoying and embarrassing. I guess I never thought I’d fall into the category of a whiner. Anyone have any situations where you called out like that?

If you aren’t disgusted enough with humanity, you can read the comments.


Lea Hernandez Says: Shut Up, Bacon!

The wonderful Lea Hernandez, author of Killer Princesses and Rumble Girls, has honored us with a Shut Up, Bacon comic!! 

As she put it, “Two people long out of my life burnt and microwaved. The above doesn’t even begin to capture the horror.”

Love. —Snacktime

PS The images don’t show up on my computer but they seem to on everyone else’s. Shoot us an email if you have problems, and thanks again, Lea!

Pat on the Back from Blake


SHUT UP FOODIES. My new favorite blog. I will never forgive Esquire Magazine for making fun of Kurt Cobain because he still ate Kraft Macaroni and Cheese after he was rich. “I just like the taste of it,” said Kurt. The Esquire Snobs all raised their pinkies as they sipped their tea and tittered with amusement.   (If you click on Kurt you get SHUT UP FOODIES.)

I’m usually cranky about reblogging but wanted to thank Mr. Nelson (who is the author of Girl, Paranoid Park, and many fantastic books you should read), and I love this pic of Kurt.—Snacktime