DIY Prometheus

a "fire" made from pretzels and candy

The Eagle Rock School of Self-Reliance has “Wild Food Outings” where you forage and then make a salad, and classes in survival skills, but I would totally go for the class on fire-making!! It also has a salad so you are getting two for one.

FIRE WORKSHOP, $25. Learn to make fire from bow and drill, hand drill, magnesium, flint and steel, batteries, the sun, etc. We’ll also go for a short walk and collect a salad. Hahamongna Watershed Park, Location 2.

When I was in Girl Scouts (shut up) we learned how to make fire using pretzels. You use the pretzel nuggets to symbolize coals and wadded up newspaper, and the thin sticks for kindling, and the logs for logs. It is amazing I have retained this knowledge, but I could not tell you one thing about the Louisiana Purchase and I have to look up Manifest Destiny on a regular basis.

Enviropig to the rescue!

From The University of Guelph:

The Enviropig™ is a genetically enhanced line of Yorkshire pigs with the capability of digesting plant phosphorus more efficiently than conventional Yorkshire pigs. These pigs produce the enzyme phytase in the salivary glands that is secreted in the saliva. When cereal grains are consumed, the phytase mixes with the feed as the pig chews. Once the food is swallowed, the phytase enzyme is active in the acidic environment of the stomach, degrading indigestible phytate in the feed that accounts for 50 to 75% of the grain phosphorus.

Wow.  I wonder if the foodie spies are in on this too?

(More transgenic animals reported on here, so you too can blow your mind about the genetically modified food you may or may not be consuming)

A Razor, A Shiny Spy

a razor, a shiny knife has super special dinners, a blog, a site with a buncha food porn on it, etc – so of course I read the eblasts they send out, half out of interest for Shut Up, Foodies, and half because I signed up long before I ever wrote for this site (shame).  I mean, they highlight 1000 year old eggs, they call themselves “theatrical” – how can I lose!?!

This go around (which, if you are so inclined to drop $75 and attend this week, do so here) the agenda includes some lessons in the following topics:

Knife sharpening
Chocolate processing
Application of hydrocolloids
Liquid nitrogen in the kitchen
Using transglutaminase
Sous-vide beef cookery
Caviar making

Basically, this is some el serio spy stuff.  Look at it.  I really don’t know what hydrocolloids are, so I’m going to guess they are guns.  And “using transglutaminase”?  Obviously that is instruction on how to use your superhuman invisibility weapons.  Sous-vide beef cookery is code for “the French are onto us!” and then, you know – caviar making.  ‘Cos a spy gotta eat, and they only eat caviar.  Duh.