I Scream

So, we started following some foodies on Twitter, you know, to become part of the community and also have fodder. Bad idea. After reading a post about someone making black pepper and veal stock ice cream—no, really—I foolishly clicked on its accompanying link. Why? What did I expect to find? A mother cow and her baby, not knowing that soon her milk and his congealed essence would soon be frozen together and ingested? (Yes, I am the vegetarian of the Foodie staff.)

However, what is worse than misguided meat eating is fucking with ice cream! There are 478,563,478,563,498,756 kinds of ice cream out there. At least. Throw in ice milk, sherbet, sorbet, soy ice cream, raw ice cream, rice ice cream and god knows what else, and you could probably eat a new flavor every day until you die. There is no need to make ice cream edgy.

And yet, here are recipes for such “innovative” flavors as bacon ice cream (if you are playing the SUF bacon drinking game, drink now), caviar ice cream,  and one flavor whose only ingredients are water, sugar, low-sodium soy sauce and orange zest. This sounds like something they would eat during the famine portion of The Good Earth.

Here is my ice cream recipe. On a hot day, go get a scoop of ice cream.