Have Your Steak and Hide It, Too

At first I was confused by this WSJ story about how high end restaurants are feeling optimistic because “expense-account spending is trickling back.” I had this weird idea that spending other people’s money is kind of why the economy tanked, but I was obviously wrong. Boomtimes, here we come! 

Of course, the transition from bust to boom can be stressful. How do you walk past all those laid-off workers and ruined stockholders with your stomach full of steak? Awkward. Luckily, some restaurants are providing cover for those who want to spend a lot on meals without rubbing it in our faces. Maloney & Porcelli, a steakhouse in New York, will give you leftovers in a bag from a cheaper restaurant, and they have an online fraud fake receipt generator that lets you enter the amount of your meal and get  sales slips that will make it seem like you’re one of the little people.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go roll around in my money room.