Ahhh crap.

(The Cheese and Burger Society’s Uncle Sam burger)

You know how, in the middle of being really full of hate and angst about something (foodies), you find something that you actually love?  Like, I hate Julia Roberts.  And yet, I love Steel Magnolias.  Do you smell what I’m stepping in?

So, I was doing my internet duty and choosing my picks for the Webbys, when I came across an entry entitled “The Cheese and Burger Society.”  I pish-poshed, thinking it was another burger-aggrandizing site, making something so simple seem like the holy grail, etc.  I clicked on the link, and within 45 minutes, I had never craved a burger with such crazed intensity.  Each jaw-dropping, food-porny, inventive burger is described by Seinfeld’s Puddy (I do not recognize him in his latest “Rules of Engagement,” but I would like to give major props for “The Tick”) and they provide the recipes!  Not to mention the website itself is technically rad.

Damn you Cheese and Burger Society.  Damn you.