Wine on Demand

Those wacky Pennsylvanians are up to it again! Now they have wine vending machines–complete with breathalyzers and id checks–in grocery stores, open 9 am to 9 pm, Mon-Sat. It’s great for areas lacking in wine and liquor stores. I wish it could go a step further and have it be bulk wine so ppl could reuse bottles but I’m a crazy  dreamer–Snacktime

6 thoughts on “Wine on Demand

      1. Aha! On rereading the story, it says:

        “The built-in Breathalyzer requires no contact with the device and provides an instantaneous reading to ensure the buyer is not under the influence.”

  1. Buying booze in PA is practically Utah-ian. After keying in your selections; you then swipe your ID, take the breathalyzer and then stand in front a camera and turn around (so a state employee somewhere else, can make sure you are who your ID says you are?). The PLCB does this while also prohibitting direct shipping to consumers, raiding beer bars on NIMBY complaints and basically being a political patronage system. Check out for more. Its written by Lew Bryson, who writes as Joe Sixpack in the Phily Inquirer.

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