A Razor, A Shiny Spy

a razor, a shiny knife has super special dinners, a blog, a site with a buncha food porn on it, etc – so of course I read the eblasts they send out, half out of interest for Shut Up, Foodies, and half because I signed up long before I ever wrote for this site (shame).  I mean, they highlight 1000 year old eggs, they call themselves “theatrical” – how can I lose!?!

This go around (which, if you are so inclined to drop $75 and attend this week, do so here) the agenda includes some lessons in the following topics:

Knife sharpening
Chocolate processing
Application of hydrocolloids
Liquid nitrogen in the kitchen
Using transglutaminase
Sous-vide beef cookery
Caviar making

Basically, this is some el serio spy stuff.  Look at it.  I really don’t know what hydrocolloids are, so I’m going to guess they are guns.  And “using transglutaminase”?  Obviously that is instruction on how to use your superhuman invisibility weapons.  Sous-vide beef cookery is code for “the French are onto us!” and then, you know – caviar making.  ‘Cos a spy gotta eat, and they only eat caviar.  Duh.

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