Foodies Announce New Award for Foodies!

gaming icon of a woman in a chef's hat

Do you ever wake up in the middle in the night wondering, “Who is the greatest foodie in all the land?” Well wonder no more, because the Good Food Awards are here! They celebrate food that is “tasty, authentic and responsibly produced,” and the categories include such artisanal favorites as beer, charcuterie, cheese, chocolate, coffee, pickles and preserves. Further elaboration on the criteria says that:

We believe Good Food is made with real ingredients, local wherever possible, respect amongst the people whose work goes into creating it, and good animal husbandry. Good Food is made without the use of any artificial ingredients, hormones, synthetic pesticides and herbicides or genetically modified ingredients.

The judges include Ruth Reichl and Nell Newman and a bunch of the other usual suspects. Is this really necessary? Aren’t there already the Beard Awards, the Vendys, various restaurant and product awards, plus every media site’s awards? More awards? I’m tired of even typing the word. Did you know that there are several competing Packaged Food Awards? Did you know there is a cooking award in World of Warcraft?

I can’t wait to see the bumper stickers that say “My son was a runner up for best hand-crafted, locally-sourced, and authentic charcuterie at Tiburon Junior High.”