I tweet, therefore I am.

But if food is worth eating, it’s worth thinking about, and if it’s worth thinking about, it’s worth saying, and saying well. Even on Twitter. Now excuse me while I think of something deep to say about the fried chicken I just ate.

– From Time’s coverage on Tweeting, by Josh Ozersky,  highlighting Ruth Reichl

This guy, who says he normally prefers tweets from ESPN and Jezebel – and is a self-described gastronome (peep his bio), really needs to get clued into Ruth Bourdain.  He’d probably have more fun with her 140 characters rather than be “bored to tears” by Ms. Reichl.

4 thoughts on “I tweet, therefore I am.

  1. Still.. it seems Jezebel mostly just tweets links to their articles. I stand by my assertion that this guy is part of a damn small demographic.

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