7 thoughts on “This Just In: Whole Foods Not Competitive with Del Taco

  1. You’re probably right. But, I did buy three apples there today for about a buck. Significantly more nutritious than those tacos.

    This blog used to be clever and interesting. What happened?

    1. Well, sir, you could certainly kiss my ass for a hell of a lot more than 3 apples. That make it interesting for ya? Or would you like to step outside…

    2. I can tell you what’s going to happen–no more mailinator.com email addresses allowed to post their “I don’t get the point yet I am compelled to post something in an attempt to WIN” comments. Goodbye sir.

  2. A Del Taco just opened 100 ft from my apartment. Every time I realize that I could sure use a taco there is nothing but my pathetic willpower stopping me from getting some.

    Also, 3 apples for a dollar at Whole Foods is a gross lie.

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