Bloody Mary

I was going to type that three times as the headline but realized my inner Catholic attendee of slumber parties is still too afraid. Anyway: Gross! This lady made tomato jelly Virgin Marys.

Some things:

  • Meatball is going to be super-grossed out by this, because she hates Bloody Marys.
  • I don’t really hate them, I mean I would never drink one, but I don’t have a specific hate because they are subsumed into my hatred of brunch.
  • I find this to be an oxymoronic food because the story says they have alcohol in them which is the opposite of a Virgin Bloody Mary.
  • I know they are fucking aspic, to those who are itching to point that out.

I would be interested to see someone create St. Teresa of Avila or St. Claire of Assisi, my two favorite saints, in food form.

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