@Popjustice Asks: What Would You Serve Nicki Minaj?

Well, I was expecting a myriad of responses to be extremely porny, but some people really answered good-naturedly, such as ClareJay who said, “I took a quiche out of the freezer earlier. To be quite frank, she’ll just have to make do.”  Or MrDrewy who said, “ANYTHING SHE WANTED!!!! PIZZA, HOT DOGS, CHILEAN MINERS ANYTHING!!!!!!”  Enthusiasm.  It’s really what’s for dinner.  However, the best so far, in my opinion is:  whoismatthew:  “Haggis Nachos – whatever else?” Mmmm. Haggis nachos.

I think I’d have to make Ms. Minaj a Pepsi float.  And the Pepsi would be borrowed from my roommate.  As would the pistachio gelato that would be the ice cream portion of this concoction.  Served in a hollowed out potato.  Yum!