So Michael Foucault and Jeremy Bentham Walk Into an Elementary School Cafeteria

Surveillance, food police, outrageous bodies.  Leslie Kinzel is a genius. Read it. The only thing wrong with this story is that there should be a photoshop of the above scenario for LOLs. Which is what we are here for!

A shot of a school cafeteria. Two children are pushing their trays down the counter. One has Michel FOucault's head and the other has Jeremy Bentham's. Foucault has a thought bubble that says "Ever feel like you are being watched?" Bentham has a bubble that says "All the time."

If this isn’t hilarious enough for you, perhaps you’d like to send your squirt off to school with a Foucault thermos as a Statement.

a thermos that has the text of "Foucault's Critique" silk screened on the outside [I'd like a criticism of scintillating leaps of imagination. It would not be sovereign or dressed in red. It would bear the lightning of possible storms. ~ Michel Foucault]

(Yes, we have considered “Shut Up, Cafe Press.” OF COURSE WE HAVE. But this is a hobby, you know?)