We Could All Learn Something From Pennsylvania, It Seems

The Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program is a federally-funded service that gives recipients of the Women, Infants, and Children food supplement program extra benefits that can be spent at farmer’s markets. (There is also a program for seniors.)  I’m not sure about this one. It sounds great, but when you read the fine print it’s so little money—families can only receive between $10 and $30 annually. That’s like, one trip to the farmer’s market, if your state participates. (List of participating states and assistance levels here.)

But check out Pennsylvania! With 1,148 participating markets, this wee state accounts for almost half of the 2,662 markets nationwide. Furthermore, the Food Trust operates in more than 30 markets, all located in low-income neighborhoods or those underserved by supermarkets and other traditional food outlets. They all accept EBT (aka food stamps). These people are doing it! They also run school programs and all manner of good things, like the Healthy Corner Store initiative. This is grassroots shit. I donated!

(By way of comparison, of the 44 or so Greenmarkets in Brooklyn, only half accept EBTs)


I have no idea what this image is, I found it on a website called geekadelphia, and I love Benjamin Franklin, so there you go.