My Stars!

All this talk of Jamie Oliver and the exciting new celebrity food trends got me thinking that we don’t do nearly enough celeb coverage around here. However, I have a working rule to never do something that someone else is already doing well, so when I went looking and found blogs that cover nothing but celebrities and food , all I had to do was a few links. There is even one called I love the internets!

This one is my all-time favorite. It’s a list of celebrities who almost died from food. It’s all choking incidents but who knew they were so widespread? Imagine what the world would be like if someone hadn’t given Reagan the Heimlich when choked on a peanut on Air Force One. But this is the best one of all:

John Belushi set up and accompanied Carrie and Dan Aykroyd on a blind date, but passed out sometime during the evening. Carrie was apparently incredibly stoned, so stoned that Aykroyd forced her to eat, hoping it would help her come down a bit. Instead of Doritos, though, Carrie ate Brussels sprouts. And choked on one. Aykroyd gave her the Heimlich and then promptly proposed marriage.

Remember kids, don’t eat Brussels sprouts when you are high with Dan Ackroyd.