Top Chef: Criminal Intent

The NY Post today writes of a Top Chef-style cooking competition at the jail complex on Riker’s Island. Leaving aside that the post calls the 16–21-year-olds “girls,” the women quoted in the story say the culinary arts program, offered as part of the Island Academy school on the island, gave them valuable skills and taught teamwork and patience.

Between this and the prison dance craze, I’m starting to think—inmates! They’re just like us!


"Calorie Commando" Chef Goes For The Kill

juan carlos cruz chef

The former host of “Calorie Commando” on the Food Network, Juan-Carlos Cruz, has been arrested for murder, says CNN. Allegedly he tried to hire some homeless folks to kill someone for him and they turned him in. Sad story.

Researching him, I was thrilled to find his old theme song on the interwebs! I had to rerecord it, so in order to listen you will have to watch this video of my wall. I tried to stick my hand in to liven it up.—Snacktime

Pizza Open Carry

I’ve written before of my love for the @PDXFoodieCritic Twitter account and its strange fascination with pizza delivery crimes across the nation. Well, today was a big day because a pizza person fought back and won. According to the local newscast, Scott Parsons, of Pennington County, South Dakota, suffered a broken leg when he was attacked but managed to shoot the perp in the back as the villain fled. Police later apprehended the guy when he sought medical help for his gunshot wound.

I don’t wish to make light of crime or gunfights, but I am imagining the heart of PDXFoodieCritic smiling today. However, if you’d like to read more about South Dakota’s gun laws (note on the link that the anchor mentions other shootings the same night) check out this Wikipedia page. There’s also this scary open carry discussion page.