The Extreme Glory of

Eater is looking for interns.

Are you an eager, perhaps college-age, person who happens to read Eater on a daily, or perhaps, obsessive basis? Is journalism and/or the internet in your blood? If so, this opportunity may be for you.

The pay is exactly zero dollars; the glory, extreme; the possibility for this to grow into an even better opportunity, plausible.

We’re sure as soon as they get some in, they will realize they are running a caption contest with no image.

Line Up, Ladies

So this is what we have to look forward to on the Cooking Channel? More tan women with lines on their faces and lines of signature products rounding up customers to form lines in supermarkets?

Man, people think we’re mean? Try Eater, where I have no opinion on what they are talking about (some cooking show on tv that has —gasp—corporate ties), but god forbid a woman have lines on her face.

Ozersky on Ozersky

Ozersky writing about Ozersky combing through a book to find references to himself. And hopefully finding one to pad his pathetic resume (which he tries to trot out at any opportunity), no doubt. “Look, look, Bourdain knows who I am”! “David Chang knows who I am”! What a fat, narcissistic slob.

Comment from bibendum on What Really Got Me Banned From Momofuku

Hot damn!  Them’s fightin’ words.  I swear, the comments are the most amazing part of anything online.  Posted simply because it’s awesomely scathing.

More Rave Reviews for the Double Down

It’s amusing that people are so outraged by how many calories the Double Down has, given that there are at least ten fattier drinks at Starbucks. responding to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine demands to keep the Double Down away from schools and add warning labels to their packaging.

While I find the Double Down grody, I find the (vegan) Physicians Committee ridiculous.  Tobacco-level warnings for this damn sandwich?  Really?

I think it’s in restaurants’ best interests to accommodate them [bloggers] just a bit more, better lighting for example.

Chuck Arendt from Chuck Eats on photographing his food, courtesy of

Eater goes on to say:  While we’re at it, how about a permanent light box in the middle of the dining room? Should restaurants provide light meters? Instead of high chairs, should they make tripods available?

So, I too would like to add some necessities, as I am now a food blogger.  I will be needing a magic carpet upon leaving the restaurant so I can quickly be taken to my bed. Also,  a drug dealer on staff (just in case),  a physician, laptops for all diners,  a dentist for teeth cleaning upon exit, and all meals should be complimentary.