The Joy of Cheese!

Long story of how I discovered “The Joy of Cheese,” so let’s skip that, and get right down to it.  According to their facebook page:

The Joy of Cheese is Martin Johnson’s roving cheese party. A typical Joy of Cheese event involves sampling a bunch of cheeses, while Martin discusses them in terms of production style, geographic origin, and flavor nuances.

And with status updates like:

The Joy of Cheese Fromage of the Day, 08.02.10: Senne Flada. Buttery, direct, and just a little funky at the finish, this cow’s milk delight is from Switzerland. It pairs well with Rieslings or nearly any sweetness, saisons, and kolsches. If it was a Radiohead recording, it would be In Rainbows: new, yet kinda timeless

I’m kinda into it.  Pairing it with music/songs makes it… less snobby, more creative and funny.  Plus it’s a frackin cheese party!  YEAH!