I’m going to need a job description for “Coffee Curator.”

In Ristretto, Oliver Strand, the curator of the Times Topics coffee page, explores the world of coffee gadgets, coffee beans and why it’s never been easier to get a perfect shot of espresso.

(The intro to May 26’s Ristretto)

1.  His title is coffee curator!?!

2.  There’s an entire Times Topics coffee page!

3.  This is ridiculous.  I wonder if Mr. Strand agrees with my thought that NYC coffee is the pits.

For the record, I know as many men as women who are raising chickens and tending gardens (though my data are as anecdotal as Orenstein’s). Mostly I know couples who are making the choice to produce more of their own food. Yes, some educated high-achieving women disillusioned with work are quitting their jobs to create a homemade home. But I suspect a good number of men would appreciate the same choice. If more women than men are leaving careers to create more meaningful lives at home, it may reflect the greater freedom women have to do so.

Lisa Graham McMinn on Her.meneutics in response to The Femivore’s Dilemma in the NYT a few months ago.

While I don’t normally read “Christianity Today,” I found Ms. McMinn’s article to be insightful and poignant.  The Femivore’s Dilemma is one of the first articles that bonded the three of us ShutUpFoodies writers.

The people who brought the brassy calorie-pusher Paula Deen, the energetic spice-sprinkler Emeril Lagasse and dozens of other stars to a mass audience are furiously preparing to start a spinoff network on May 31.

Called the Cooking Channel, it is lining up low-key programs targeted at a hipper crowd interested in the grass roots of food culture.

Ms. Deen, for one, will not have a time slot. But three young guys from Canada who build taco vending machines and other weird contraptions for a show called “Food Jammers” will.

In another show, “Unique Eats,” taped earlier this month at Bark, a boutique hot-dog shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn, the cameras lavished attention on baked heirloom beans and franks topped with Columbia County sauerkraut.

Allen Salkin; NYT Dining & Wine Newcomer to Food Television Tries for a Little Grit

Oh.  Great.  Heirloom beans.

Culinary sophistication is no guarantee of immunity from cilantrophobia.

Harold McGee, not to be confused with Bombshell McGee who probably eats cilantro by the fistful and STOMPS ON JULIA CHILD’S GRAVE WHILE SHOOTING BALD EAGLES OUT OF THE SKY AND PISSING STANDING UP OF COURSE ON A BOX SET OF GOLDEN GIRLS DVDS, in his latest diatribe about cilantro in The Times.