Trade "enlightened" for "bratty"…

Link: Trade “enlightened” for “bratty”…

Dear Concierge,

My enlightened, Austin-raised 12-year-old niece is coming to visit New York and wants to experience the classic New York cuisines in situ: Chinese food in Chinatown, pizza at the perfect pizza joint, bagels from an über-deli. Where can I take her for good food and kid-thrilling atmosphere?

Thanks! — J.B.”

Christine Muhlke does a good job of covering the answer, but still gets in the good An enlightened 12-year-old? What’s her blog called?” jab.

He fattens them himself in pens that offer “plenty of room — more room than in one of those condos in New York,” Mr. Pfrang said feistily, “because if they’re crowded and stressed,” they won’t grade as prime at Creekstone.

From NYT’s Beef from Creekstone Farms impresses New York Chefs / Glen Collins / March 23, 2010

Listen, New Yorkers.  We would not grade as prime at Creekstone.  I know, I know.  It was hard for me to accept too.  But we just don’t have enough room.  We’re crowded, we’re stressed.  We’re not “Creekstone” material.  Maybe next year. 

…Bret Macris of Rose Water in Park Slope, Brooklyn, goes several steps further with his bourbon-infused foie gras torchon, which he serves with pan-fried brioche points, blood orange and a quenelle of homemade nutella.

On Nutella as an inspiration for new dishes; Merrill Stubbs: NYT’s The New Staples

I need a dictionary and Wikipedia to understand what Bret Macris is actually concocting here.  I understand “orange,” and sometimes when I get fancy, I put nutella in a crepe.  *fin*

Just in time for Easter…

(Photo from The New York Times article)

Angelina Lippert, the woman who took an Abercrombie & Fitch bag and her boyfriend to the class in Brooklyn, brought home the legs of the rabbit they killed and braised them with almonds, apples, Calvados and cream. The saddle, kidneys and heart went into a rolled roast with garlic, sage and rosemary.

The killing itself was a little more intense than she had expected, she said.

“When I was the first person to volunteer to break the neck, it all seemed so easy and emotionless that I didn’t realize until after I’d done it that I was shaking,” she said.

But she recovered quickly. After all, there was a rabbit to dress.

Ms. Lippert still has the pelt, the head and the feet. They’re in her freezer, awaiting the taxidermist. But she doesn’t have the boyfriend.

“He ended up leaving me for a vegetarian,” she said.

I am all for sustainable living and being more in-touch with your food.  There is a huge disconnect in America between table and farm, so I understand the desire to be present in what you eat.  But the idea of 9 novices trying, and most likely failing a few times, to kill a rabbit doesn’t strike me as humane.  And let’s face it, if it’s in The Times, this is a more of a trendy desire.  It’s not born out of necessity.

(Regarding the excerpt above – why on earth is the Abercrombie & Fitch bag a point of interest?  PS.  I wonder if Lippert’s ex has told his new gf that he’s tooootally killed a rabbit with his BARE HANDS.)

Full article here.

NYT Profiles a Man’s Tea Party

In these “trying economic times,” the term tea party has come to represent a bunch of racist political hooligans ISO 1776.  However, The New York Times reminds us, that yes, there are some real tea parties out there, focusing on snacks and tea.  And they are for men.  Men of wild indie cred, of art cred, of knitting cred!

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