Attention, Professional Foragers!

The Spotted Pig has an opening:

Full-time position sourcing seasonal ingredients for two restaurants in New York City.

Responsibilities are to:
•    Know the products available at the Union Square Greenmarket (season, source, price, quality, availability).
•    Meet with the Chef and cooks regularly to discuss the changes and availability of Greenmarket products.
•    Research the source and availability of any ingredient the kitchen expresses interest in.
•    Take orders every market morning, communicate what’s available/new that day, make purchases, and transport produce back to each restaurant.
•    Sort invoices and check for price changes for all food products coming into the restaurant.
•    Check the quality of all food delivered to the restaurant each morning.
•    Take a weekly inventory of all food products in the restaurant.
•    Buy and organize the repair of kitchen equipment.
•    Cost out recipes when necessary and keep track of weekly food cost.
•    Record the quantities of each food product coming into the restaurant each week.

A year-long commitment is preferred.

Please send resume and cover letter to

No word on if you actually have to sniff out truffles, but it can’t hurt if that’s on your resume. Thanks tipster! —Snacktime

Shut Up, Bacon XV: A Strange Bacon Aftertaste


A tipster told us about Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Mints, and when I went looking for them, I found this culinary review, courtesy of Mr. Baconpants:

The thought of the smoky flavor of bacon and the hint of mint made my mouth water. But sadly when I finely tasted this combination I was disappointed.

At first the bacon flavor hits you, followed quickly with the mint flavor. This part is not bad, but then after the mint is gone you are left with a strange bacon after taste. If they could only make the mint flavor last longer than the bacon flavor, these mints would be refreshing.



I first came across the sauce at Pierre Gagnaire’s eponymous three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris. It stood out, even as I was bombarded by experimental dishes and wild flavors. It felt familiar, but in an uncanny way, as if I were tasting something I had previously encountered only in a dream.