Sour Grapes and Even Croquet


The Sonoma Grape Camp will allow 30 lucky foodies to pay $3,500 per couple ($1,900 for singles) for three days and two nights of picking grapes and blending wine. From the website:

It’s about a deeper understanding of wine’s DNA. It’s about food pairings, cheese making, even croquet.

If the event is fully subscribed, the Sonoma County Winegrape Commission (SCWC) and the Relish Culinary School will gross more than $50,000.  It sounds totally worth it!

You’ll get hands-on experience working in the vineyards. But grape camp has so much more to offer—the sparkle in a winemaker’s eye, the insider secrets of using a pruning shear or harvest knife, the crisp, clear days working in the vineyards, and the sense of accomplishment and wonder as you see your work come to fruition right before your eyes.

I feel like I should add a materialist analysis here about how alienated we all are from the means of production and how this is possibly not the way to rectify that, and that as long as we use consumption as part of our search for authenticity we’ll never really find it, but I think I will have a drink instead. A glass of wine from God knows where!