In my excitement over the Beard awards tonight, I was looking through other events the Foundation has coming up.  One caught my eye:

Italian Chic: Todd Stein Cibo Matto at the Wit Hotel/ Chicago

“Cibo Matto: One sexy restaurant in one sexy hotel has single-handedly revived the Loop,” wrote Chicago magazine food editor Penny Pollack. Headed by chef Todd Stein, an alum of David Burke Las Vegas, Cibo Matto offers in-the-know diners what Chicago Tribune critic Phil Vettel described as “sophisticated, traditional-with-a-twist Italian food.”

Naturally, I thought of the 90s girl group Cibo Matto.  I guess that’s not what they’re talking about, but it reminded me that the girls *did* have that “Know Your Chicken” song.  I know my chicken.  You got to know your chicken.

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