Tactical Nuclear Penguin and its brew-ther Sink the Bismark IPA set the world records for the strongest beers on earth at a tolerance destroying 32% and 41% ABV, respectively

Hence “beer for the dedicated.”  I think that this point it’s called liquor, folks.

The Grape and the Grain

Costa Mesa, historically a place where great things originate, now offers a beer and wine hybrid. It’s $9 for a 22-ounce bottle.

Now that we are 21, our palate has matured like a fine wine. So we created something unique with old vine Zinfandel grape juice added during fermentation to give this brew a subtle vinous quality. Belgian yeast imparts hints of dried fruit in the nose, while a big dose of Vienna and Caramel malts yields a dry warming finish. Aged a month on American oak to take the edge off, this is one to share with friends.

I’m sure that Joe “Napa” Six-Pack will love it.


Prescription Beer Goggles


From a Seattle Times story about the cask ale renaissance:

It’s a beer perceived to be warm, flat and tasting of vinegar after a few days. You can see why cask beer has had such a marketing challenge, and why most bars haven’t stocked it.

Now, though, beer fans and foodies can’t get enough of it. It’s been recast as the thinking man’s beer, with all the nuances and complexity of a Bordeaux.

I can’t wait to hoist a few with Ira Glass.