Seriously Bad Math

Serious Eats posted their take on the Sandra Lee/Matilda Cuomo lasagna controversy, which is: fucked up. First, they assert that Sandra insulted her mother-in-law. We saw this in none of the stories we read—only Mrs. Cuomo saying she didn’t think Sandra’s lasagna was as good as hers. Seems like if anyone was being insulting at all, it was Mrs. Cuomo, or the reporter who asked the stupid question.)

Then the writer, Leah Douglas, makes a big deal about how Mario Batali’s recipe would be cheaper. She does this by comparing three ingredients.

The typical can of Campbell’s tomato soup, according to online grocery store service Peapod, costs $1.67 for a 10-oz can, bringing the total for the recipe to $3.34. A 16-oz package of Breakstone cottage cheese costs $2.99. Bringing the total to $6.33.

If you were to, however, go off of a recipe from say, Mario Batali, you would be shopping for two 28-oz cans of whole peeled tomatoes, which Hunt’s sells for $2.00 each ($4.00 total), and 4 ounces of ricotta cheese. A 15-oz package of Polly-O ricotta cheese goes for $3.99, but your lasagna’s 4-oz portion only sets you back a little more than $1.00. So your total for Mario’s lasagna is $5.00.

That’s appalling. I went shopping on Fresh Direct, using Sandra Lee’s recipe and the Batali recipe that Douglas refers to, and the result was at least a $13 difference—and that’s without finding the Cacciacavallo cheese he calls for. See the screen shots below.

(I skipped onions and noodles that were in both recipes.)

If you aren’t into Sandra Lee, whatever. But do you homework at least. This is basically foodie fanservice.

Shut Up, Bacon: Cheesed Off

Maybe it is the crazy week I’ve been having but what the hell? This guy bakes some cheese and calls it bacon? WHAT DARK MAGIC IS THIS?

I love bacon and i love cheese. I often throw 2 or 3 pounds of cheddar in the smoker and give it a nice hickory accent. If you want the taste of bacon but don’t want to eat bacon, try this. Heat the oven or toaster oven to 400. Line a baking sheet with foil that is then lightly sprayed with non stick spray. Lay slices of cheese in the center of the sheet pan. They don;t have to touch or overlap, just keep them close to each other. Put in oven 8-10 minutes. The cheese will almost “fry” like bacon. When the very edges start to get crispy, remove from oven and immediately pour off any accumulated grease. Let cool for a minute or two and then peel off the foil. Tastes just like bacon!

I have become so inured to gross bacon pics I couldn’t even find one for this post. Enjoy the mousie. —Snacktime

The Sins of the Foodies


This thread on Serious Eats, where foodies confess their secret shameful eats, is fantastic. The best part is their triggers—anyone see a pattern?

When my dad, sister, and I watched Super Size Me on dvd, we craved McDonald’s so badly we went to get some! I’d never even had a quarter pounder until that night. I really don’t think Morgan Spurlock had that effect in mind.

Whenever I watch documentaries about, or read books about, how bad processed food is, it makes me seriously crave McDonald’s so bad that I usually end up going to get some.

I usually eat dinner while watching the Biggest Loser, and recently ate pizza (homemade the crust, at least) watching the new Jamie Oliver Food Revolution show. Whoops!

I curled up in bed with the new Cooking Light magazine, the NCAA basketball tournament, a cup of hot chocolate and a plate of cookies on my nightstand.

Eating an ice cream cone while riding my exercise bike? And probably watching something on Food Network at the same time.

I will sit reading a Saveur while eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut or a bag of Cheetos.

It’s usually Orange Chicken from Panda Express on Biggest Loser night.

I will enjoy a bowl of the Pebbles later while reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma or watching Food, Inc…

I almost always drive through McDonald’s on the way home from Whole Paycheck after buying organic good for you stuff.