Let No Stain Go Unframed

kouichi's okamoto's Framing Napkins--napkin with a frame border so your stains seem like "art"

Don’t be like that boring lady in the New York Times who merely wrote down what she eats. After you’ve carefully photographed and eaten your meal, use one of Kouichi Okamoto‘s framing napkins to immortalize the experience.

Okamoto also has this kind of cool topographic plate.

topographic plate has mountains and lakes you put your food in

please pour the soup into this plate. mountain range and a lake are completed.
and the bottom of a lake appears when you eat the soup.
please enjoy the taste, the landscape and topography of the plate.
when you use it as a salad dish, it becomes a forest.
you can create a landscape on your very own table.

Look out for the tabletop Earth Liberation Front!

She Don’t Use Butter, She Don’t Use Cheese

Artists Bompas and Parr created this “Occult Jam” (no relation to Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, as far as I know) for a surrealist exhibition in London. Bompas told CNN they chose “weird and wonderful ingredients” in order to “open up conversations.” There are three flavors, according to their website:

Absinthe and pineapple with sand from the Great Pyramids
Plum and Oak with wood from Nelson’s ship The Victory
Milk Jam infused with a speck of Princess Diana’s hair

Bompas and Parr aren’t new to this, of course. They’ve been creating various types of art jellies for some time now, and have a book out .

The book begins with an overview of the history of jelly, from Henry VIII’s ‘jelly hippocras’ to the fantastic work of the Victorians. It then delves into the science of creating the perfect jelly, using the very best ingredients and techniques. An array of delicious recipes finally ennsure that you can enjoy everything from super-economical fruity delights to flights of the fantastic. With cutting edge design and photography, and an unparalleled insight into the subject. Published by Anova Books in June.

They also claim to be the only people in history to have captured the sound of jelly wobbling. If their site wasn’t annoying and Flash-based, I would link to some of their projects like “Funeral Jelly” and “Wedding Jelly,” but you should go check them out on your own, along with their other food-themed art.  I will leave you with this.

Flaming Lips: She Don’t Use Jelly on Beverly Hills 90210 from Chris Buly on Vimeo.

Thanks to Mr. Pesco for tipping us off to this at Boing Boing

Blinky the Friendly Hen

I’m so psyched I found this! Jeffrey Vallance is a completely  rad artist, if you don’t know who he is, you should read up on him and buy every book you can and go see his shows. Before he made it big, he did a show at the Los Angeles Museum of Art. He dressed up like a janitor and went in and replaced all of the light plates and electrical outlets with ones that he had painted on, then stood out in front of the museum and handed out guides to his show.

Not only does he have a deadly sense of fun, he is also super nice. Back when I was a punk-rock zinester, we wanted to write about him and he and his gallery owner (Margo Leavin) were so kind to us and treated us like serious art critics, with a private viewing and a big interview even though he was even then a pretty famous guy. I never knew he was on Letterman, which is hilarious in and of itself. Check it out–and yes, there is a food tie-in.

Shut Up, Street Art?


So cupcakes are up there with bacon as the hip-o-riffic food trend, right? Right? So to make them even HIPPER, you put BANKSY ART on them! Because there’s nothing like taking street art off the street and putting it in your belly.

I should have some deep commentary on the way every street vendor in London seemed to be selling photos of Banksy prints, but it’s early and I haven’t eaten yet. And these cupcakes are making me hungry…