Dear James Beard Foundation,

Martha and some looker doing what we love to do – drink Champagne.

While we adored commenting on the JB Awards this past Spring, we are terribly sad that we weren’t invited to Chefs & Champagne.  Martha Stewart’s blog about the affair has me crying in my poor man’s mocha this AM (to those not in the know, that’s Swiss Miss + coffee) about missing it – it was all champagnes and wines and some tent and then you’re kinda near the beach!  Oh, James Beard Foundation, please don’t forget us again!



Definition: Icing


I guess it truly is Bro Day, Snacktime.

Definition provided by Bros Icing Bros:

A new drinking game is spreading around college campuses. Quite simply the simplest, funniest drinking game ever created. It’s quite easy. Buy Smirnoff ice, present it to one of your bro’s in any manner, your bro must instantly get on one knee and chug the Smirnoff ice on the spot regardless of setting.

Now profiled even in The Times:

 The premise of the game is simple: hand a friend a sugary Smirnoff Ice malt beverage and he (most participants have been men) has to drink it on one knee, all at once — unless he is carrying a bottle himself, in which case the attacker must drink both bottles of what Mr. Rospos described as a “pretty terrible” drink.

And coming soon to a youth near you.

"What is the most insane and/or disgusting thing you have ever eaten while intoxicated?"

chicken gizzards

Raw chicken gizzards, posted for mental imagery.

It’s a long story how I ended up at, a site that champions the “achievements” of bros.  I seriously don’t recommend reading their politics – however, I did come across an entry asking readers to comment on what the most disgusting thing they’ve ever eaten while intoxicated, and this one takes the cake.  Literally.

“In 8th grade I was high enough to eat Stop and Shop Birthday cake covered in blueberries and soaked in Frank’s Red Hot sauce; a couple months ago I was drunk enough to devour some chicken gizzards that were for my buddy’s dog.”

Ah, young stoned bros.  Gourmets in the making.


Tactical Nuclear Penguin and its brew-ther Sink the Bismark IPA set the world records for the strongest beers on earth at a tolerance destroying 32% and 41% ABV, respectively

Hence “beer for the dedicated.”  I think that this point it’s called liquor, folks.

Putting the "pain" in Champagne

Bottle of Veuve at Wally Wine: $39.99

Bottle of Veuve at Paul Sevigny’s Kenmare: $175

As Eater NY says:

The Veuve-y trap is the oldest lowbrow trick in the book. Here we find this benign bubbly marked-up more than three times its retail price to hook unassuming diners and patrons in a celebratory fog. The kind of cardinal sin that risks demon possession, Wiccan hexes, and eternal damnation.

In this case, it’s 4 times more.  Just because it’s in a Paul Sevigny joint.