The Creamy Ad That’s Too Saucy For The Aussies!

According to this blog post, the Australian Standards in Advertising board has received, and dismissed, numerous complaints about the above advertisement for Philadelphia Cream for Cooking.

Among the formal complaints were comments to the effect that, ‘A woman spanking a man on the bottom is every bit as offensive as a man doing the same to a woman especially when there is sexual undertones involved. I really believed we had moved away from this form of sexist advertising,’ and ‘Complete objectification of men who women can treat any way they want. The ad sure would draw a lot of flak if the roles were reversed.’

They’re right of course–it would draw a lot of flak if the roles were reversed. But whenever I hear that argument I do want to make the point that truly “reversing” the roles would mean  women having more freedom, more money, and more political power than men. I’d settle for equality. And I’d spread it all over!

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  • Meatball

    Ok, so, this commercial is obviously targeting heterosexual women, and yes it is totally wrong to spank that young man’s bottom. And also, I’m glad it was yanked because it’s sexist to both.

    But those guys are totes hot.

  • Meatball

    Oh, I misunderstood “dismissed” because I was too busy imagining cooking with this creamy crap and spanking some young man’s … wait – what? Where am I?

  • So when is it airing in the U.S.?