Let No Stain Go Unframed

kouichi's okamoto's Framing Napkins--napkin with a frame border so your stains seem like "art"

Don’t be like that boring lady in the New York Times who merely wrote down what she eats. After you’ve carefully photographed and eaten your meal, use one of Kouichi Okamoto‘s framing napkins to immortalize the experience.

Okamoto also has this kind of cool topographic plate.

topographic plate has mountains and lakes you put your food in

please pour the soup into this plate. mountain range and a lake are completed.
and the bottom of a lake appears when you eat the soup.
please enjoy the taste, the landscape and topography of the plate.
when you use it as a salad dish, it becomes a forest.
you can create a landscape on your very own table.

Look out for the tabletop Earth Liberation Front!

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