The Debate on Chelsea’s Wedding Continues!

It’s their wedding, the happy couple gets to do whatever they want. Seriously, did you think this wedding was about the guests??? – Annie NT on Serious Eats regarding Chelsea Clinton’s wedding menu

Hear, hear.

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  • Snacktime

    I love that serving meat is not imposing your choices but being vegetarian is. I’ve been to a million wedding where I ate a piece of asparagus and a roll.

    • Meatball

      I’ve been to a million weddings where I drank all their booze and I’m certainly ok with that!

  • Amen, Snacktime. I can’t count how many times I’ve left a wedding reception starving, or else drunk as hell because there was nothing for me to eat but rolls, and by the time the wedding cake was cut, I was too ‘faced to care about food.

    Expecting a veg*an to fork out money for meat & dairy at her own wedding is incredibly self-centered. Besides, it’s nobody’s business but theirs what they do at their wedding. I don’t even think non-drinkers are obligated to serve alcohol. They’re not opening a one-night restaurant, and people should stop being so spoiled and entitled about the free stuff they’re getting at wedding receptions.

    • Snacktime

      Yeah, totally. I mean, I just nibble and enjoy myself, and I bring crackers or something in my purse sometimes. But it’s not gonna kill anyone to eat a vegan meal or whatever once in a while. I went to a raw food wedding a few years ago that was the best food ever.

      My friend Gina’s parents pressured her into having fish at her wedding because they said all her older relatives would freak out, and she totally regrets it. “Something died for my wedding.” SUcks.