Hi Shut Up Foodies,

We haven’t heard from you WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU? but SINCE WE DON’T READ AND CAN’T TAKE A HINT, we’d still love to partner with you to offer a free STUPID SOUNDING COOKBOOK to your readers.

A STUPID RECIPE CONTEST on your blog THAT ISN’T ABOUT COOKING would engage your already active foodie audience HAHAHA, and reward them for doing what they do best- cooking! MORE HAHAHS Besides, who doesn’t love free cookbooks? US. WE DO NOT LOVE FREE COOKBOOKS.

Please take a look at OUR STUPID WEBSITE for some of the recipes that your readers could tackle for the contest. OH MY GOD.

If you’re still interested in running a STUPID BOOK STUPID CONTEST on your blog, or you’d like more information, please contact THE WORLD’S DUMBESTPUBLICIST, OH SORRY THE TITLE IS “SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER”

2 thoughts on “MAILBOX

  1. Actually, if a cookbook entitled STUPID SOUNDING COOKBOOK appeared on my shelves, my friends would pick it right up and say, “Hey, what’s THIS?”

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