Words Are Not Enough

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

If you, like me, just had your mind blown seeing Hillary Clinton, the United States Secretary of State, just support the popular uprising in Egypt, you might be thinking back to other protests that have been happening, many of them related to food. Food insecurity is a leading cause of war, crime, and insurrection. Also! Food insecurity is not what happens when you feel like your scones are a little dry. I’m sure you can figure it out. Check out some of these links and reflect. How could you help more people access food–not the food you think they should be eating but just actual FOOD? How about making sure the people who are part of your food chain are as well taken care of as the pricey ingredients?

Here’s a list of some recent demonstrations surrounding food insecurity and other food issues.

Jan, 2011 protests in Jordan over food prices.

Jan, 2011 uprising in Western Bengal over steep increases in food prices

August, 2010, workers in Atlanta, Georgia gather to protest working conditions at Sodexa, a primary supplier of school food throughout the area.

Police  trainees in Eastern Equatoria protest food shortages

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