The Food Police

Food policing is an area in which all sorts of assumptions are made about class and ability status. It goes hand in hand with the idea that people have an obligation to be healthy, that all bodies are the same so there’s only one way to be healthy, and that there is virtue in eating “right” as dictated by current authorities in the food world. Like, say, Michael Pollan, who is editorialized fawningly in numerous publications all over the planet for his “simple” and “helpful” food rules.

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This is a pretty interesting post about what it may be like to prepare a “simple” meal a la Michael Pollan—if you’re a person with various disabilities. I’ve criticized the class assumptions of the “cook-it-yourself” lectures, but being an able-bodied person myself I never thought of it this way. Worth a read.

Skirts on the Stove

Don’t have enough closet space? Join the damn club. Who amongst us does not trip over, like, three pairs of shoes each morning because we’ve got nowhere to store them?

But now The New York Post introduces us to the ladies and gentlemen who put our closet space woes to shame: “kitchenistas,” who use their stove, fridge and other kitchen stuff as extra storage for their wardrobe.

Kitchenistas Store Clothes And Other Items In Their Kitchen Appliances | The Frisky

What would Michael Pollan say? I mean, not only are these people not COOKING in their kitchens, they’re straight-up using them as storage. It’s like the anti-foodie (though still another fetish for conspicuous consumption).

I’m not gonna lie, though—with the amount that I use my kitchen, I could probably store my clothes in the oven and fridge as well.

-Julia Childless