Church of Raj

I’m not the messiah, says food activist – but his many worshippers do not believe him | World news | The Guardian

Michael Pollan might be treated like the second coming by the new crop of eco-conscious foodies, but for my money Raj Patel is the real deal. And apparently there’s a small but serious religious group that believes he’s actually the living embodiment of their version of the messiah. No, really.

Patel wants nothing to do with being the messiah, but that doesn’t seem to stop this crowd.

On a serious note, though (I’m always full of those), Patel’s book Stuffed and Starved is the best book out there on the real problems with our global food system, and why people who can afford to do so eating artisan local produce and whatnot isn’t going to solve the climate problem, let alone the global hunger crisis.

-Julia Childless