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Cherry flummery! from Gourmet Mama

I love the History Chef blog! It has entries on Dolley Madison’s love of flummery and other exciting histo-culinary nuggets. (Did you know Zachary Taylor died of gastroenteritis? She doesn’t give that recipe!) She even explains how steamboats work. SCIENCE and HISTORY.

FAST FACT: If you’ve ever watched steam rise from a cup of hot chocolate or coffee, you might think that a steamboat is propelled by steam. That makes sense, but that isn’t exactly how a steamboat works. In a steamboat’s engine, wood or other fuel is burned to heat water in a boiler, and the steam that rises from the water is forced through small spaces (piston cylinders) to increase the speed at which it escapes, similar to the release of a valve on a pressure-cooker. The concentrated steam then hits and moves a paddlewheel which, in turn, propels the steamboat through water!

If there was ever any blogger who should get a book deal it is History Chef’s creator, Suzy Evans, J.D., Ph.D.  Or a museum deal!

Dude Food

Maybe the launch of new cooking shows, food magazines and websites devoted to the male cook will give enough of a masculine spin on the family meal to get guys more involved. For example, the Food Network has been trying to attract a larger male audience with machismo-infused chefs like Guy Fieri who hosts three shows, including “Guy’s Big Bite.”, is described as a “virtual man-cave where men can talk about food, post and comment on recipes, is a new social food site catering to the food interests and preferences of men. And a new men’s food magazine, “Deen Bros. Good Cooking”, created by the sons of Food Network star Paula Deen, also seems to embrace the “dude food” philosophy.

Hey, dad — it’s your turn to cook dinner – Chew On This-

“Dude food,” “Foodwork” and more. I hate buzzwords. I also hate gendered cooking/food terms and hell, even hate gendered ideas of work. I am a woman who eats bloody steak, barbecue, and even, yes, bacon. I know vegan guys who are neurotic about calorie counting.

“Foodwork” at home, anyway, is devalued largely because it was women’s work, and it annoys me that we suddenly have to sell it in creative ways to get men to do it.

Thankfully, this article winds up noting that what most people need isn’t their dudely egos stroked by their cooking, it’s simple, easy, and cheap ways to feed themselves and their families.

And what the hell is a man-cave?  Isn’t that confusing your penis and vagina metaphors?

Even the Post Office is not immune.

There Is No Green In "Greed"

Terrific piece in Salon about questionable environmental claims from food producers by Anna Lappé, author of “Diet for a Hot Planet: The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork and What You Can Do About It” and daughter of Francis Moore Lappé. Together they run the Small Planet Fund, which supports grassroots groups that address hunger and poverty.

Comic from The New Gay