Warning! Crack-cocaine will be consumed!

“Warning: chocolate and coffee will be consumed!”

The final line in Spring Gillard’s post for The Politics of Food:  A Bite Size Course, offered over a stretch of Saturdays.

Um… is this because chocolate and coffee are political, or does Ms. Gillard normally have attendees with health conditions?  Or perhaps this course draws a smattering of politically-charged toddlers.  And you know what coffee and chocolate does to a 2 year old…

2 thoughts on “Warning! Crack-cocaine will be consumed!

  1. I think she’s trying to get across her OUTLAW STATUS. Obv Ms. Gillard is the Kate Bornstein of food.

    1. For a minute I thought it was like those super-ladylike things, WARNING, WE’RE GOING TO BE SHOE SHOPPING sort of things.

      Then I pictured toddlers on coffee and chocolate and laaaaaaughed and laughed.

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