The Way We Live Now

drawing of a construction worker

[T]he owners hired bartenders who don’t look as if they make their own bitters or collect first-edition bar books.

Oliver Strand, in his review of The Commodore in the Times. Apropos of this I have been meaning to post about how I was buying lettuce and the guy next to me was all “Have you tasted this salad mix?”

“No,” I replied, turning to walk away. “Try some!” he yelled. “It’s super spicy!” I was like, “God, OK,” so I took a couple leaves and ate them. “Yes, very spicy.” He beamed at my like I was a good girl and I could finally get away. It was like the foodie version of a construction worker yelling at me to smile.

2 thoughts on “The Way We Live Now

  1. F*#k! I’m supposed to go there w/ a mutual friend in the coming weeks, ST. Wanna join us? Now that The Times has covered it, it will be packed to the gills. Blarghashgjhas!

    1. My friend Pat lives upstairs! But it’s already too late, Jens and I tried to go on a Sunday a few weeks ago and it was too crowded.

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