Mango Crime, On the Rise

Apparently mangoes are the new furbies, although illegal in the States, as reported by The Toronto Star:

“You can’t even compare the taste. If you really have a knack for mangoes, you won’t like anything but Pakistani mangoes,” said Haider, who made the 12-hour drive last weekend from Virginia to Toronto, his third trip this summer, just to eat the seasonal delicacy. After his past failed smuggling attempts, he brought his family along this time for a weekend binge.

Talk about your forbidden fruit.  The US won’t allow Pakistani mangoes in because they do not meet USDA standarblahblahsomethingelse, so many people try to get them up in Canada.  I personally think that binging on mangoes may be the answer people have been looking for in regards to that pesky obesity thing we’ve got goin’ on here, but what do I know.  Apparently this is a big! deal!  Don’t let them eat the delicious mango!